Summer Bloom

Summer Bloom

Summer Bloom

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Slows down meal time & keeps dogs occupied for a long time!

Reduces boredom, stress, and anxiety
Very healthy workout for your dogs as they keep working with their nose and brain to sniff out the food.

Perfect for rainy days
Great for dogs with excessive energy in the mornings, just give them the snuffle buddy and let them sniff away.

Prevent digestive problems



  •  Reduces boredom, stress, and anxiety
  •  Great nose training
  •  Prevents digestive problems
  •  Stimulates foraging instincts
  •  Healthy workout/ Very fun and friendly
  •  Machine washable & dryer safe

Snuffle Buddy is a slow feeding mat for preventing digestive problems and correcting bad eating habits by making them eat slowly and passively.

It stimulates their foraging instincts and satisfies pets senses so that meal time is more enjoyable.

Snuffle buddy allows dogs to relieve stress, eat with fun and happiness as they take their time to enjoy and search for their favorite foods.

It provides a healthy workout for your dogs as they keep working with their nose and brain to hunt down the food.

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